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Program Outline


NEWDAWN rehabilitation provides addictive disorders treatment with a residential rehabilitation setup. Our approach towards treating and managing adidctive disorders is electirc in nature borrowing from the Minnesota model, Therapeutic community model, CENAPS relapse prevention model as well as a variety of traditional counseling models such as the cognitive behavioral therapies and motivational interviewing process.

We provide the following treatment services

1. 90 day residential addictive disorders.

2. Outpatient counseling program (tailored to indvidual client needs)

3. Drug screening and assessment(Including confidential drug testing)

4. 120 day after care and continuing care program

5. Management of underlying psychological and psychiatric conditions.

It is our belief that a client's chance for long term success in recovery are significantly increased when a client chooses to seamlessly continue their care following their treatment at New Dawn Center. That may include an extended care program, outpatient treatment, and/or sober living.